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[Need ideas/Partner]For A game.

Level 5
Nov 13, 2007
erm Hi guys my name is lazybone and I'm currently working on a project named, something defense,;T I didnt even think of an name yet. Alright this is what it basically is, It's a defense base like Fortress Survival(well the goal) but you have to protect the thing on the center as well. It is a building game.
Also I need a partner to help me do this map. Please if your interested please reply to this or ideas. I only finished the terrain-ish but I need more ideas and help on triggers and such. If you are internested in being my partner, please have AIM.Thanks ;]
Level 3
Sep 27, 2008
you could feature different races . or maybe feature a hero-like builder . most people like those with hero-like builders . or put in some minigames in which you can get a new spell or receive money or a new technology .