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Need ideas for Kael's spells

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Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
I need some ideas for Kael's ultimate. The Kael from Warcraft not the Kael from DoTA.

So far, the only spells I've decided on are

Gravity Lapse - Lifts the targets and slams them to the ground.

Rift Bolt - Damages and severs the target from the flow of time. Then deals damage again once the target's back in time.

Arcane Aura - Increases mana regen and gives a chance to passively deal 50 damage to enemies.

Meteor Rain - Meteors fall at random places within the target area.

If it helps, in my map he takes the Sunwell's energy for himself so he's really powerful now. Because of that I want his ultimate to have a big impact.





Sunwell's Wrath: Kael is channelling the mighty essence of the Sunwell and that incredible power creates a field/force/area that is supposed to burn every enemy. After releasing such a great power, Kael is exhausted because he used all his power and has to regenerate his magic.

You can use multiple effects on area, like aura, meteor, flames, arcane storms, thunder...
Additionally, you can give Kael different exhausted-being buffs, like less atk-speed/move-speed or you could even make the dmg of this ability dependant on Kael's mana which will fully used to empower Sunwell's Wrath and so on...
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Sunwell Flare (Channeling)

Creates eight massive pillars of light around Kael, burning enemy units inside them. If the spell is not interrupted (a few seconds), the pillars explode in a huge flash, dealing catastrophic damage to any unit inside them. Any enemy unit that was looking at any of the pillars (as in, not facing away from them) will be blinded (curse with a higher miss chance) and dizzied for a short while.
Level 4
Jul 23, 2012
Ill do two one OP the other not you choose

OP-Sun Rip-Kael rips a sun using powerful magic and hurls it at his foes (Add Flaming affect)

Not OP-Power Of The Sunwell-summons a Summons 2 Mirrors Of Kil'Jayden with maybe 500 hp both with the power to do Flamestrike
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