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Need Help to find a WC3 map

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May 13, 2022
I need you help to find a very strange but cool map that i cant find

Its a map where Red, Teal and Blue, are the Gods of the map (Red is the most powerful one), they can have any unit by clicking in a zone where the Player 11 (Dark Green one) has all the units on the game, once clicked, it will spawn under a special unit called spawner

The other players, are Heroes that fight in a arena on the middle of the map to gain xp an resources

There are more zones that the Gods can unlock, like a City, deset, forest, river, mountain and a labyrinth

There are some cool extra features on the map like control of the day, night, ban, kick, give stuff to any player and change the color of your units and size as well (this is as one of the Gods)

If anyone can find a map like this, tell me wich one is it, i cant find a picture of the map itself and the name too

In the image, there is a aproximation of what is like, the diferentes squares are the diferente zones, where que gods spawn isn innaccesible to the Heroes, and the Heroes, are spawned on the middle

Thanks for reading and if you can, please help me


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