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Need 100% GUI inventory system + Item Generator

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Level 11
Feb 23, 2009

I am still working on my D2 Hellfire project and was wondering if anyone could tell me of/make me a good inventory system, and/or an Item Generator (creates random item stats from the 50+ custom/standard stats I made).

There is already a full screen talent system (all is GUI) that uses the ESC button to access it- so I would like this inventory system to pop up after clicking on the "Bags" icon (an item in your real inventory, maybe switched with an "Escape" item when within the inventory).

I use a multiboard to show the Heros' stats, but we can use multiboards for the "random generated items" as well.

Hope someone can help, this isn't too hard I just would like the project to go faster.
since you've been able to make a full screen talent system, I think you could do the FSI too... and it might be faster than waiting for answers in this thread...

as for the random generator, I believe it should be an external program... also, the FSI should be done first because the item settings will depend on the FSI that you will use... Tukki created a program which automates his item generation then produces a vJASS/lua/object merger code which when pasted on the map automatically creates the item and registers it with the FSI that they are using... it's for the project SoE though so he won't probably make it public, but you can maybe ask him directly to make one for you...
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