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necro furion. not meant to be a necromancer, just undead.

undead, necro, furion, evil

NecroFurion (Texture)

23:13, 27th Jun 2008 Dan van Ohllus: [Approved] Kick ass skin, like most of your stuffs.




23:13, 27th Jun 2008
Dan van Ohllus:
Kick ass skin, like most of your stuffs.
Its good, I especially like the face, good choice in using Saikann's Undead Archimonde as inspiration.

The metal however is not as well made as a lot of your other skins, and the cape doesn't really wrap well.

You any good at making skins that aren't evil?
well i tried using a different tone for the metal this time to make it a bit differnt, but it didnt turn out so well. and yes i think i can make some good non-evil skins, i just prefer this type of style.
Level 4
Mar 6, 2005
the face is pretty good, the whole skin is damn nice work X_x

4/5 would be perfect if u could fix the cloak wrap, shorten it a lil bit, the prob is with the final parts of it

if that wasnt made for a necromancer, then i dunno what i call it (the best necro[skin]ever) :shock:
Level 8
May 15, 2004
i like, 5/5 its a creepy skin and close to horror wich you all know i love. would be great in a horror theme map as a blair witch kind of zombie thing. i've been wanted to make a model/skin for awhile now of the blair witch but i cant geomerge very well but i beleive i could do a wicked skin of her so this is a comment about this skin saying its good and i like and a comment to anyone including afro, who knows how to geomerge contact me and see if you can help me bring the blair witch to the site for all to download.
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
another great skin by afroknight76.the face looks beter on wrap then on unwrap,cloth is pretty nice and the flesh parts are nice too.metal looks kind of like gar's style...nothing much more to say...its good...
4.3/5 not d.c.
Psssst.. what brushes and tools do u use?
isnt it kind of obvious...he uses a simple brush dodge and burn.what were you expecting him to use an instantly make a freehand skin tool?what makes his skins so good is he puts alot of time and devotion into his skins and has alot of expiereince
Level 2
Aug 2, 2007
Give me the path for this, at least tell me where I can get hte path, this looks perfect but I need to try this before I can rate it, path please...
Level 11
Jul 4, 2016
this is a skin, just import it under the path specified above and the in game model furion model will look like that