Nazjatar Naga's Doodads Pack

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Pack of naga's doodads from the Nazjatar. The pack includes 13 models! Now you can properly decorate the streets of cities, naga camps and settlements of other underwater inhabitants.

For the correct model work, remove the path "war3mapImported\" from all blp files in the import manager.

Credits to Blizzard.
Converted by Ageron.

8ng_nazjatar_books_table01 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_books_table02 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_brazier01 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_brazier01_empty (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_chair01 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_chair02 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_crate01 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_crate01open01 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_siegecannon01 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_stack02 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_stack03 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_statue04 (Model)

8ng_nazjatar_weaponrack02 (Model)