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Changes Health Bar and Mana Bar of your units to kinda 3D-liked.

Trying to remain old WarCraft 3 liked hp bar but more 3D. xD

Looks better in game.

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Healthbar Enchanced (Texture)

19:54, 11th Oct 2013 Kwaliti: Useful.
Not really sure what the point is on having it slowly get darker. It just makes it a lot harder to see when you're running low on health. Instead maybe just have a darker bottom and a lighter top, indicating a light source from the top angle rather than from a left side angle?
That is why the bar is getting lighter to the left, so you will see when your HP is going down. And it kinda looks fancy :D
But yeah maybe you could make the top right of the bar a little bit brighter?
Level 2
Sep 25, 2021
I think there is reason to put the gradient darker on the green part, because these are seen easier than a red and short stack. It could be even more extreme, darker and whiter on the ends. Simple and nice enough bar.