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Myth and Legend TD

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Level 1
Jan 15, 2008
so... hi!

ill start of by telling why i made this TD, at a lan party a few months ago some friends and me where getting bored and decided to go TD amok, so we started playing whatever td we had in our folders, gem td, eeve td, elemental td, skibi td and so on, but tbh it was gettign boring cause we had already played all of these td countless times, so my friends asked me to make a td for us to play when we where bored, and thats how i got started.

because me and my friends always play td in single player anyways i decided to make it SINGLE PLAYER! if you dnt like that, leave the topic now, because then this is not for you^^ its made to have fun when your bored and want a fun fast paced td to play that dnt take ages to complete, but still require you to stay alert and concentrate on wtf your doing

with that being said ill go over the basics of the td:

its very simple, creeps spawn and follow a fixed path, which you cannont build upon the path, however position of your towers is still important

you start by chosing a difficulty, easy, normal, hard or custom mode (in this mode you can combine your own dificulty, deciding the armor bonus, the movement bonus, the magic resistance bonus and lastly the amount of lives you begin with)

after chosing diff you chose your race, ive made 3 races so far, each with 19 towers (9 towers with 1 upgrade each and 1 ultimate tower) each race, besides the builder, also has ahero to begin with, he is support to your towrs, but using him right is key to wining the harder difficulties

the last important thing is your statue of the gods, (you really only have 3 things to control, your builder, your hero and the statue) from this statue you can summon minions of the gods, you need to kill these minions to unlock the better towers (you start with only being able to build the first 4 towers, the last 6 has to be unlocked by killing minions)
from this statue you can also summon challenges, these are even harder to kill than the minions, but the reward is a random item of great power wich can be put into your lvl 1-5 towers (not the 4 innate towers)

all the towers in the game (except the very first tower) have unique skills, no 2 towers have the same skill, not even the upgrades (the skill will improve in numbers and effect), the same goes for the heroes, they all have unique skills.
a few examples of tower skills are:
chance on attack to cast a frost nova and remove whatever magic resistance the mobs have
chance on attack to attack a random number of extra nearby targets
chance on attack to lower mobs armor and deal damage over time
chance on attack to go into a rage dealing extra damage, while enraged there is a chance that the projectile will shatter on impact dealing extra damage and slowing
whenever the tower kills an enemy it will deal aoe damage and stun for a very short duration
whenever the tower kills a target it will gain a damage bonus for a duration
and many more

and as for game play, thats basically it, it sounds simple and it is^^
but completing hard mode, or custom mode will require some serious skill

about the map iself, i made it all in the normal world editor using GUI (as i have no knowlegde of JASS) ill admit there are prolly 100's of diffrent memory leaks, but it is NOT an issuse as it is single player and it dnt run long enough for it to have any impact on the game

the game is NOT done yet, however i think its bug free and pretty balanced, i still need to add more races and some more features, so ideas are welcome

the game is NOT proteckted in any way and your welcome to look at the triggers and whatnot, all i ask is plz, try to play it first

so, i think thats it, HAVE FUN! playing it, thats why i made it^^

comments and critique are very welcome as i want to improve upon it

ps, i realize this presentation seems... rushed and ... below standard, but dnt let that reflect upon the map, i put alot of work and time into it!


  • Myth and Legend Tower Defence.w3x
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Level 1
Jan 15, 2008
shameless bumb for more attention

im guessing its the single player part that discourages people to try my map, but really, think about it, most td's are single player anyways, like gem td, eeve td, to a dregree elemental td and most others can be played as single player anyway.

im just pressing it on, cause ive had quite alot of random poeple on bnet try it (about 25-35 poeple im guessing) and ALL said it was great fun and challengeing, , so if you can, try to ignore the single player part, and give it a chance^^

@ mods: sry for the double post, but i thought id give it a 2nd chance, if it wont work then poeple clearly dnt care about it and ill leave it to die
Level 4
Jan 2, 2008
This seems interesting, but i wouldnt make it single player, maps are multi-player so people can talk with eachother about the game.
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