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My Project : Rise of Pandoria

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Level 4
Jun 10, 2011
Hey everyone

I want to present you my first serious project: the rise of pandoria. I am a big fan of old chinese architecture and of course a big fan of pandas ;) Since I did not found a Panda RPG yet I decided to start my own.
I have started now around two weeks ago to learn the trigger system some mapping tricks etc., imported some models that could be used, i do not know if I really will use them at the end. So far I structured the RPG got an idea of a storyline of the areas and allready finished 3 ones.

Since english is my 4th language I do not feel that sure to use it and create my map at the moment in german. A friend of mine will translate it later, when I finished trigger models creatures etc.

I started a lot projects before, wich I all gave up because I were frustrated after a time or the ideas were to crazy. And of course; I have really big problems with the programming language, even with some basics. I started to understand the language by reading tons of articles about it, but it would be really nice if there were some friendly people which know more about it ;)

So the main parts of programming will be:
-save and load system
-item system
-spawning system
-spell (boss) triggers

At the moment I thought about 3 playable clases, which will be upgraded into 6 other classes later (so 2 for every semiclass)
Those classes are:

-Tank with some Heal abilities
-Strenght-Spellcaster (Hybrid)
-Survival specialist (a kind of DD with some tank abilities)
-Strong Meele Dpser
-Aoe Mage
-Healing-DD Hybrid

The maximum level of heroes will be 75
I want to desing instances starting from level 10. At level 75 you will be able to do them again, like the heroic system in WoW

I also want to create a deep story with a lot of quests, so this map will have to just few with hack n slay grinding

If somebody is interested to see some acutal screenshots and of course want to help me with some questions you are allways welcome :)
I think by posting this map and ask for feedback I wont interrupt making it again but it will take alot of time until its finished
Level 26
Aug 18, 2009
Let yourself some silent time before approaching a new project. Carve out the main points and bring them into a greater coherent grid, on which you can build on.

What you announced here are just some wild facts/headlines that are not further described and do not give a clue how they match your world. As maybe the biggest factor of a RPG, the setting should be determined. What is it made of? Are their special laws? Are their civilizations or special places? Which positions do the heroes take? Which ambitions exist and what of a history is underlying?

If I ever were to search your thread, I would type in "spawning system" because it's such a descriptive and unique term that occurs in no other RPG.[/irony]

Two weeks seem also hardly sufficient for learning about basic tools. For your technical questions the Help Zone is always opened.
Level 9
Dec 22, 2008
If your project is related to the Pandaren as I read the correct name of the kingdom is Pandaria. Else, I do not have any objections. You get my support.
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