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My personal textures

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Level 15
Jan 27, 2007
Well, i've made some useful textures and icons but no way to get approved at the skin/icon section, i thought USEFUL items were taken. I don't find useful a perfectly "freehand" made pen, but it will get approved, but if you upload a low-changed icon, then you might get it disapproved, this things remove my emotion to upload things and make things.

Attachments removedby General Frank. If they're not approved in the resource sections then they're notapporved anywere.
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It may be useful, but, much like the Skins Section, copy and paste does not belong here.

This is so ridiculus, (Or how you spell it) isn't this site soposed to help?
Then it's no reason to remove skins thats well made.
I don't (And I think I'm not the only one) go to this site to find original models, skins and icons, I search for useful stuff, and orginal things are not often useful, Maby great and coll but not often useful.

[Sorry for the offtopic]
Level 30
Sep 2, 2007
Stay on topic, why not? At the time I made that post, like five months ago (yeah, christ.) Kimberly still moderated this forum, and she wouldn't allow threads that consisted of non-freehanded content.

Also, shall I be so honest, I don't think any of them are really useful at all, excluding the stairs.

You lied?
You lied to me?
You lied to the whole comunity?
I got to be alone for a sec.
Do not post resources that has not been approved in the resource sections. Uploading then isillegal due to rejection evasion.
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