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Icons Submission Rules

Discussion in 'Texturing & Surfacing' started by Daelin, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Daelin


    Jul 20, 2004
    The Hive Workshop staff can take no responsibility for the loss of your icons. If an icon is deleted due to rule breaking it is your duty to have a backup. When the following guidelines are met icons will generally be approved. If submitted icons violate the rules they may either stay "Non-Approved" or be moved to the "Ignored" category. Moderators may then request that icon authors make certain adjustments to their submissions.

    1. General Guidelines
    All general site rules apply. This includes prohibitions against any offensive or pornographic art.

    2. Freehand Content
    All icons must be at least 50% freehand created. Non-freehand techniques include mirroring, cloning (or brute cloning, as in clear copy-paste), recoloring, resizing, and rotating.

    3. Icon Quality
    Quality is really very important: making a scratch icon will not be enough if it is poorly done. Throwing in some filters will generally not produce an acceptable result. Make sure that the final icon is detailed (not blurry or badly resized) and looks good in the game. Icons lacking an active alpha channel will not be approved.

    4. Recolored Icons
    Recolored versions of (author created) icons are allowed as long as they are made for certain purposes- such as potions.

    5. Original Work
    Stealing shall be severely punished with -25 reputation/icon. Stealing up to 2 pieces of art will result in a temporary ban (1 week). If the stealing continues, any offender shall be permanently banned.

    6. Copy and Paste
    If you partially copy-paste parts of your icon, mention the source or else it might be considered stealing.

    7. Model/Skin Icons (for a unit, doodad or building)
    These icons are special: ONE screenshot icon is allowed by the author (compatibility object-icon). The resource model/skin must be uploaded on the site: a link is required otherwise the resource will not be considered valid.
    • Example: If RDZ makes a gorgon unit model and uploads it to the site, he is allowed to upload in the icons section ONE icon obtained through a screenshot of the Gorgon, with the condition that the icon is decent (screenshot taken decently) and that a link to Gorgon model is included in the icon's description.

    8. Public Domain Icons
    In some extremely exceptional cases (when author cannot be contacted and someone else posts an icon for a resource which lacks one posted by the author), it may be accepted. DO NOT abuse this rule (especially if the author is actually active but not visiting the site daily). Inactivity period: 2 months.

    9. Icon Borders
    Icons must ALWAYS include both active (with Blizzard border!) and disabled version. Passive and Autocast borders are required only for abilities & spells. Methods of obtaining and properly producing icon borders include the following.
    1. Edit any standard Blizzard icon and maintain the border's integrity.
    2. Download and use one of the existing icon border templates.
      Icon Border Templates
      Icon Template Starter
    Disabled and other border types may be added using either W3IR or Icon Layer for Photoshop

    10. Possible Exceptions
    IF THE RESULT PROVES TO BE EXCEPTIONAL, THE ICON MAY BE APPROVED EVEN THOUGH IT DOES NOT RESPECT ALL THE RULES ABOVE (In order to promote not only good artistic icons, but also useful ones).

    Guidelines For Icon Resource Moderators
    [highlight]No resource can be approved until it has been downloaded and tested.[/highlight]
    • Every resource must be downloaded to make certain that it actually exists on the server.
    • Icons must be tested to ensure that all required components are present and are not corrupt in any way!
      • Minimal test: examine submitted icons with Warcraft III Viewer.
      • Thorough test: import icons into a map and view them in the game itself.

    [highlight]Before any changes are made to a resource’s Approved/Non-Approved/Ignored status a comment must be provided for it.[/highlight]
    • Comments create records of the date and state valid reasons for the resource's inclusion or dismissal.
    • These comments provide valuable consumer feedback to the resource submitter.

    This document is subject to future revision and/or amendment.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2007
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