My Panda Geomancer heroes spell....

Level 3
Jul 30, 2006
Its just some ideas for a Panda Geomancer hero...

Spell 1. Shatter Boulders [Send multiplie boulders that will split]

Spell 2. Conjure Earth Spirit [Summons a Transparent Golem that do knockback each hit last 10 sec is invulnerable]

Spell 3. Focus [Passive [Increases strength each level and also allows the Geomancer to have upon an attack 10% to knockback a target.]

Spell 4. One with the Earth [Ultimate][Creating warstomps in random location in a circle around the Geomancer stunning every1 in range dealing Str + Agi + Int damage]

If something is dull or just dumb then tell me i don´t want to make a bad character...