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My map lag

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Level 4
Dec 10, 2007
well DOODADS will create alot of lag if u have a bunch, it may even cause server splits. also if u have alot of things bunched together, like units, it shall also cause lag, im just telling u basic lag causer's. YOU could also be the problem, if your computer is bad connection it will cause lag for everyone. try to see if its one of the things i said.
Level 15
Sep 3, 2006
Well, the first problem is with the races, the computers always pick the 4 basic WC3 races.

I didn't get any lag at all, just a fatal error, which is pretty common for me >>.

And I can't open it in World Editor, so that means you protected it. Problems with the protection are:

1) You may have removed the wrong file or done something wrong in the protection.
2) I can't see if anything is leaking with triggers. :/

My only solutions to this would to be check your computer's graphics card and RAM or try checking for leaks.

And btw, your Dialog Box is messed up, that may be te cause of some lag...
Level 8
Jun 25, 2007
I don't know why the map don't open (if I protected it i don't know how) and they choose only the 4 races because when its a computer:
  • Events
    • Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds
  • Conditions
    • (Player 1 (Red) controller) is a Computer
  • Actions
    • Melee Game - Create (Race of Player 1 (Red)) starting units for Player 1 (Red) at (Player 1 (Red) start location) (Add Heroes)
I don't do AI script.
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