My client is 1.27. Can I just install 1.30.4 files or do I need more?

Level 1
Oct 17, 2013

Long story short, I haven't played WC III for a while and have zero interest in Reforged. I would however like to play some custom campaigns now but turns out that my 1.27 version seems to be out of date for some custom campaigns.

Since I heard about the horrors of Reforged forcing an installation if I try to update through, I don't want to try that route and started to Google. Found this:

Patch 1.30.4 Backup Game Files
In this thread I found 1.30.4 files.

Two questions:
1. Is 1.30.4 a "safe" patch without any damage caused to old content or should I choose some other?
2. Do I need to install any other patches or can I jump from 1.27 to 1.30.4 by just installing the files and be good?

Level 2
Feb 2, 2020
Well, I also tried the backup files because I could not get a custom campaign from here to work and still didn't (does not appear in the list).
Fyi, you will have to move the custom campaign files to [your documents location]\Warcraft III\Campaigns.
Also, for some reason the normal campaign would always load Frozen Throne for me, not sure if that was related to the backup.