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Multiple People Editing same map

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Apr 27, 2009
Hello, I'm a noob at map making but I'm not new to Hive workshop. Been here forever. Loved the models and and everything that this site holds!
Found so many wonderful stuff here. I'm a programmer and now triggers seems like packed CODE so it super FUN. Thank you everyone
for sticking around here even when Blizzard left us.

I was wondering. How do multiple people edit the same map? I'm a programmer and we use GitHub to sync data through CMD or TERMINAL before pushing the update.

Is something like that possible? If not is there any works around it that's similar or we have to edit the map then send to other person that is going to work on it?
So that means one person can work on the map at a time? This would take much more time then necessary but you got to do with what you have. Any tools that can make this happen?

Sorry if I didn't post in the right place. Wishing you all the best!
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Level 18
Jan 1, 2018
You can save the map as a folder instead of a single w3m/w3x file to allow for example the programmer and terrainer to work at the same time.
If you want to have multiple programmers work on a map at the same time, you should use lua/C#/typescript in an external editor like visual studio or vscode.


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Level 4
Nov 18, 2012
You save the map as folder, stated on the dropbox.
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