Multiplayer, Clans and Arrangements - Rules & Regulations

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Jun 30, 2016
Welcome to the Multiplayer, Clans and Arrangements forum!

The Warcraft 3 Multiplayer, Clans and Arrangements forum is where anyone can publicly post anything about online WC3 matches and clan related activity. This includes but is not limited to clan vs clan matches, online tournaments, clan / group recruitment content, map testing sessions, and simple casual invitations.

Tips and Guidelines
  • Specifically say what servers and or realms your arranged game(s) will be on.
  • Clan content from non Hive Workshop hosted clans are very much welcome.
  • Note that we as a staff would prefer you bump a thread instead of creating a new one for each similar topic if feasible.

Clans Subforums

Clan subforums are public forums where anyone, member or not, is allowed to post about things related to the clan. These forums may also not need to be of one clan, they can be grouped together if leaders of each clan are willing. If you are the chieftain of a clan seeking a subforum at Hive, we encourage you to contact us. Your clan(s) should have a significant amount of active players.

  • When posting a map testing thread, the purpose of the thread needs to be about testing the map online, not turning it into a map development thread.
  • And as always, the site rules apply in all parts of the site. Clan drama that breaks these rules is not tolerated.

Game on!
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