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Apr 2, 2013

Clan THW (Battle.net - Northrend / Europe) is the official WarCraft 3 clan of hiveworkshop.com and
was created on the 12th of December, 2015. It's an all map-genre clan open to veteran and new
members alike. It doesn't take modding or multiplayer skill qualifications to get invited, so you can
just pop right in by typing in /j Clan THW in any Northrend channel!

More Information

Every few weeks, we play in the Funmap Evening Event. You can also keep an eye out on other
events in this forum and or our social media. Anyone can post threads with the [Clan THW] prefix
there about clan vs clan matches, map testing sessions, or just questions about the clan, though you
can post questions and comments on this thread.

Hive has also set up a free discord for voice chatting. This is a neat tool to chat with other Hive and
clan members, especially during events and team games. No download is needed, but it can be
downloaded on all the major platforms.

Future plans include more and different events, along with adding a secondary "Clan Hive" if almost
all of Clan THW is active and full.
Clan Rules

- Site Rules that can easily apply to the clan channel are enforced due to the clan being official
- Members 100 or more days inactive will be kicked, but may be accepted into the clan again

These rules are enforced on a much more casual and tolerant level. Members will usually only be
kicked (excluding voluntary and inactivity reasons) for breaking major rules (such as severe and
ongoing flaming). Those banned from the site will be ones banned from the clan. If you think
someone is breaking the rules, you can report it by using the site report function or by creating a
staff contact thread.

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