Level 12
Apr 26, 2008
Hey my name is NightBrowler and i am working on a project i would need a multiboard can some one help me? :thumbs_up:.. i will give +rep and credits

Multiboard: (EXAMPLE)
Team 1----------------Death--Kills--Bounty--Revive in
player 1-------------------3------7---300.000----10---
player 2-------------------1------3---5.000------------
player 3-------------------5------2---300---------8----
player 4-------------------2------8---230.000----------
player 5-------------------1------0---100--------------
Total Kills:20

Team 2----------------Death--Kills--Bounty--Revive in
player 6-------------------7------3---8.000----4-----
player 7-------------------3------1---1.000----------
player 8-------------------2------5---16.000---2-----
player 9-------------------8------2---2.500----------
player 10------------------0------1---5.000----8-----
Total Kills:12

Information Multiboard:
-player 1-10 in color
-death,kill,revive in is obvious
-Bounty:every player starts with 0 bounty for every unit he kills he becomes +500 bounty if he kills a hero he becomes 25% of his bounty.Bounty is gold well not exactly gold for example 100.000 bounty=1000 gold | 10.000 are 100 gold | 1.000Bounty =10 gold | 100Bounty=1 gold.If a player reach 1.000.000 Bounty he becomes +50 agillity +50 strenght +50 intelligents | if he reach 1.500.000 bounty +50 agillity +50 strenght +50 intelligents |2.000.000 +50 agillity +50 strenght +50 intelligents and so on...
-Total kills are all kills the team made, at the beginning of the game host(i know trigger to find host) can choose how many kills to reach for win 50/60/70/80/90/100 if a team reach those kills then the team wins.
-revive system must be made too...
Level 12
Apr 26, 2008
there were way too many variables.. i arrayed some use this map to continue...well it´s good but i said for every UNIT you kill you gain +500 bounty and 10 gold and for every hero you kill you gain 25% of the heroes bounty +gold^^ again:(50 bounty = 1 gold | 500 bounty = 10 gold | and so on) and when the hero die he lose 25% bounty not his whole bounty.. change it please:thumbs_up:


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