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Need Assistance *Deluxe* System !

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Level 2
Dec 7, 2009
Hi guys.

Ok what i need for my map is an pui assistance system written in gui.
The system should track display and bounty the following things :


Text Display:

Name of assisting player;

Where (or in wich area) the fight was;

% dmg of assist;

Healer assist;

DoT Assist;

Bounty earned;


(Death report) (the Multiboard should only appear after kill for the killing, the dieing and the assisting player and disappear after 15 sek)

% Exp earned;

Maybe a Static % Bar to Display who done the most dmg:

Spells used with spell icon; (it should look like the death report from League of Legends);

Dmg of Spells;


Bounty: (General Assist Bounty = 130)

Heal Assist : Static 100g (If the Killing Hero wouldnt survive without the heal than give an extra bounty of 60 and Display Text: Saving bla bla bla´s life);

DoT Assist : % of dmg done with DoT * 2 + the assist bounty(with a max of 210;

Assist % (of Normal Attacks and spells) * 2 (minimum of 50 bonus and maximum 260 overall bounty)

If you now better bounty % or calculation so you are welcome
The system should also be configurable with the folowing things:

Bounty %
General bounty
Multiboard appear time
Adding and remove counting areas (for example i make a pvp and a solo pvp area)

And finally all player names with getPlayerColored
(If you know any helpfully Extra´s you Are Also Welcome =)

Thx for any Post and +rep for "the Maker" =)
Level 5
Sep 1, 2010
You're asking a lot, karlcoxx.
Fear I cannot help yuo with yur request, just give some suggestions:
Could you break your system down into smaller bits?

About your multiboard: You'll need a JASSer here for sure...
How long does an assist intervall last? When a hero runs around 30 minutes on your map without being killed, do you want the player who initially stroke once in minute 5 of the game to get an assist as well? :xxd:
Again, how many areas are there to fight in? Do you want to only detect the area the hero was killed in if chased through multiple of that areas?
Have you a map you could attach so that people could work on the already existing regions?

Looking at the amount of your request, could you do parts of it yourself? (even if it's only the text messages on screen or detecting the amount of damage dealt by a certain player).

When asking for DoT and other kinds of damage listed seperately: What damage detection system do you use, since you cannot check with a trigger whether a unit is damaged by a spell or an attack.. or don't you have tht kind of system? If so, there would be even more on your list..
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