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MU - The Perfect Continent v1.8

Submitted by TRISTAN_07
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
This is a MORPG open world game based on the famous Mu Online. While it has variations, he pointed to something similar

Mu - The Perfect Continent v1.8
Created by


Map Info:


Dark Knigth - Dark Wizard - Fairy Elf


This is very spacious and has great mobility was to have something similar to the official game hence the name of the cities is the same game with the same end I just explain. The relief is not the main features and bug that could generate models, skills, regions and movement; This means that the ground is very smooth, also can work in relief.

There are 10 cities are the following: Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Losttower, Atlans, Tarkan, Arena, Kanturu, Aida and Kalima. All are made and the ground is made with factors that characterize

The system displacement or movement may be by movement on foot (common offset) and the other system is a sist. command that allows transport to a particular city considering the requerido.Los level commands used are determined on the map in the Menu Help / Quest (F9). Thanks WonderWoman


"/ move (Selected City Name)": This command correponde transportation system in one takes into account the required level specified in item "Cities and Level Required" Thank WonderWoman


Until now has the following systems

Inventory system that limits each race possess some kind of items and only one of each type. These are grouped, weapons, armor, helmets, shields, arrows, potions.
Map and Inventory System Tutorial

Trade system based on trade items and gold. For its use enters menu (F9). Note that you must be right place for each item
System Trade / Commerce (Full) - TRISTAN

Trunk system for storing objects in the same game. The objects deposited in this will not be saved in the Save-Load. To use it you must select any guardian of the trunk and interact item on the menu selection units. You have 10 seconds to perform the operation, then these must select the guardian again.

Invasions Goldens, Kundun Boss invasions Golden Beasts that give more experience and throw exel items (to be done in sgte version) and Boss Kundun.

Wings: Wings creation system in chaos machine located at Ferris wheel. You must have wings 50000 gold for Level 1 and Level Two wings need 80000 gold and wings Level 1 and equipped. Attention can not remove the wings and stored in the save-load system

Shop skills and abilities are sold each class should buy yours either Lorencia for DK and DW and Noria for Elf

Based Skill Stats: totally based on the attributes of the unit, Skill being that these are the ones that mark the progress of the unit

Reset When you reach level 350, 50000 paying can go to level 1 with all your item and stats. You should buy the skills again, but reset your stats are saved and save load. There may be a certain amount of awards Reset

Missions Quest Search, Collection, Exploration, Killing, Puzzles, and more. You can remember that instance quest reward these and typing / quest. The game features missions in each scenario, but these are not in the default interface assignment and for them we have to enter the command / quest
Missions are fundamental to the progress of characters and the progress of these is stored in the code Save Load

New Character: New character within the same heading. No need to start a new game to start a new character. enter / new and choose your class again.

Save & Load System (CodeGen by Triggerhappy): System that saves, type Hero Stats, Reset, Level, Items, Wings, Gold, Wood and Quest Reached. Remember that bears no skills or items in the trunk, they fall in heading. To save must play Multiplayer Mode Required.

Events Blood Castle system was implemented, it has three different levels, Blood Castle 1 between 50-150 level, Blood Castle 2 150-200 level, Blood Castle 3 250-350 level. This is the entrance to a castle by a bridge full of Orcs equipped according to the level of Event, this has a MiniQuest (untested) rescue


Attention dropeo is 25%. Items not sold so far, only potions. The objects are dropped by the beasts and have a 25% dropedo of items, regarding the item must kill gold golden beasts of invasions and have a dropeo 50%

The item dropped golden excell have special features:
As main tip Weapons have more damage than regular
The trusses are more common defense
Armour and Helmets with options + Rate (probability of evasion) + Reflect (probability of return of the damage)

Initial Buff for ELF
In the north exit of Noria we see a Warrior Elf this gives us a buff that increases the mobility of our hero in (Agility Energia Heroe Heroe *) This buff is one and only for characters Fairy Elf lower level to 16



This is a MORPG open world game based on the famous Mu Online. While it has variations, he pointed to something similar.

+100 Items
+80 Beasts
10 Cities
Missions and more.


Terrain Screenshots


Gameplay Screenshots







Change Log:

Change Log

Version 1.8 for WorldofEditors.net
First 8 missions Lorencia
Initial Buff for elf level less than or equal to 15
Lag entirely cleared
Baja Experience
Experienced Quest
Leveling Beasts
Full Items Excellent Beasts of the first 3 Gold
New method to remove objects on the map
Lord NPC Shese Devias
Fixed the error ANTIDUP SaveLoad

Version 1.7
First 8 missions Lorencia
Initial Buff for elf level less than or equal to 15
Lag entirely cleared
Baja Experience
Experienced Quest
Leveling Beasts

version 1.6
Warning: if your pc is old lady down graphics to a minimum
Objects are accommodated
Accommodating the experience
Missions settled
Save the load of items Exel was updated
25% Drop

version 1.4
Objects are accommodated
Were improved Beasts
Is under the experience
Skills settled
Alas prices climbed

version 1.2
Excellent level 1 items were added - rate - Reflect
missions were added
were optimized bug


Deathwing By Kwaliti
Beowulf the Brave
by Blizzard Entertainment [Sellenisko] "
Runestone Breastplate By Blood Raven
Runestone By Blood Raven Shield
Runestone Helmet By Blood Raven
Pike Runestone By Blood Raven
Runestone battlestaff By Blood Raven
Runestone Longbow By Blood Raven
Runestone Greatsword By Blood Raven
Warhammer Runestone By Blood Raven
Guardian Blade of the Heavens By Blood Raven
Simple Short Sword By Systemfre1
Red Dragon Scale Mail by Sunchips By Sunchips
By Mail Armor Sunchips
Advanced Metal Shield By Astaroth Zion
Rock Ice Armor By TLI-Inferno
Bone Armor White By TLI-Inferno
Wands Haunted By Retrosexual
Rustier Wooden Buckler By HappyTauren
Pirate Sword By paradise.engineeri
Sword Haunted By Retrosexual
ObsidianRuneblade By Blood Raven & Revilo
By OrcishArmor BloodElf300
By SpikedMace MaTiJa97
Helmet Berserker's By Skipper
Nostradamus By Kays
Palm By Kays
By Shocklotus Kitabatake
Staff of Demonic Entities By Usedwell
Staff of Ages By Usedwell
The Harvester [HD] By Tr! Kzz
Hammer of the Naaru (One-handed) By Debode and Red Shift
Serpent Lord's Gaze By Usedwell
Wolf Spirit Headpiece by Sunchips By Sunchips
By SkullShroudbySunchips Sunchips
By Misha Natheras
Red Dragon Helmet By Champara Bros
Rotten Staff By Usedwell
By Necro Sword Lord_Firage
By LethalBow Gottfrei
Samurai Helmet By Kitabatake
By Renegade Armor Kitabatake
By Quarterstaff_by_Kitabatake Kitabatake
Mage Armor v2 By Kitabatake
By Mindstaff Thrikodius
Rod of Necromancy By NhazUl
Helmet By Kitabatake
Shiva's Wings By JetFangInferno

Author's notes:

ATTENTION: If your PC is old I recommend lowering the graphics to a minimum to avoid any inconvenience. The game was minimal and did not generate Lag testing. Any problems immediately notify

mu, lemuria, RPG, perfect continent, DK, ELF, DW, Dark Wizard, Death Knigth, Kalima, Lorencia, Kundum

MU - The Perfect Continent v1.8 (Map)

20:02, 2nd Jan 2015 Orcnet: as I have commented below, please translate the map in English, as well on fixing the Fatal Error.
  1. 20:02, 2nd Jan 2015
    Orcnet: as I have commented below, please translate the map in English, as well on fixing the Fatal Error.
  2. WhiteFang


    Jul 6, 2014
    Wow this looks awesome. Ill test it as soon as I'm able.
    +Rep for good description
  3. Orcnet


    Jul 31, 2010
    Hello, it seems that the map is not fully translated in English (unless proven otherwise), also I got a really bad Fatal Error once I choose a hero before the game starts, its a bother but it would be of fairness if you can re-upload it or re-save to fix the error.