Mortar Team Siege 1.2

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Mortar Team Siege
Created by Wazte

Since the Alliance lost contact with one of it's main trading routes, a small dwarf team was sent in to investigate.
When they arrived, nothing seemed to be wrong. Except that the whole area was empty.
They decided to go deeper into the forrest and investigate, and what they uncovered there was about to endanger more than the simple trading routes...

This is a small hero siege/survival map where you have to take your mortar team unit/hero and battle the hostiles and keep yourself alive at the same time.
Buy Ankhs and potions from the Marketplace to stay alive because we all knew this was going to be a one way trip.
...and once you are done trying to stay alive, grab some nice gear and upgrades from the Merchant so can finally push back and take the enemy out because they will never stop coming!



Change Log:

Release of the map!

  1. A way to make the game abit more balanced.
  2. A few "sparkles" to the ending cinematic.
  1. Some wrong item and spell descriptions.
  1. Cheats are no longer available for players.
  2. Bounty income was lowered by around 30%.
  3. Mortar Teams for unused player spots are now removed during startup.

  1. A way to make the game ALOT more balanced.
  2. A few trees and a puddle.
  3. A new enemy wave if you are 4 or more players.
  4. Potion of Greater Mana
  1. Unnecessary Triggers and Files.
  2. Potion of Lesser Invulnerability
  3. The Nuke damage to structures. (People could instakill the Black Citadel if they bombed it toghether at the same time)
  1. Triggers, a few items, and some minor bugs.
  1. Removed the AI and replaced it with a trigger controlling system. (Works so much better)

Extra Credits:
Thanks to WILL THE ALMIGHTY for his Nuclear With Missile model!

Mortar, Team, Siege, Hero, ZamuelZA, Zamuel, Wazte, Explosions, Justin Bieber

Mortar Team Siege 1.2 (Map)

09:13, 12th Jan 2013 Orcnet: see comment
Level 15
Mar 27, 2011
Post headings and what not. "Storyline", "Description", "Credits", etc. Some screenshots of your map and features would also be nice. Lots of people don't want to download and play a map without a good idea of what it is first.
Level 15
Mar 27, 2011
I opened your map. Your coding is pretty poorly done. You have a lot of memory leaks and the gameplay is very limited by the coding.

May I ask why and where you got the AI scripts from? What do they do?

Btw, your screenshots arn't showing.
Level 2
Mar 24, 2009
The reason of the poorly done coding is because of all attempts I tried to make it simple, but it simply didn't want to work. So I left it as it was >>
The AI scripts did I make by myself. Though, here again, I tried to make an AI for the Mortar Teams who you put as a computer controller but it didn't work. And I left it again as it was because I thought it wouldn't matter much.
But okay, I will remake it and fix the triggers and the small but unnecessary use of file size. :)
And to the screenshots, they are showing for me :O Both on my own home computer which I uploaded them from, and on my school laptop. :S I can try to resize them and upload them again :)
Level 15
Mar 27, 2011
Well, you removed the pointless AI scripts which is good. Although you did not fix the memory leaks and your coding is still messy and innefficient.

Take a look at this map. I editted your version's trigger. I didnt change much, just cleaned things, removed all unused variables (I'm not sure why there were so many varaibles because the only one you used was "Playersplaying"??) and fixed some memory leaks, leaving comments to explain. I did not fix all memory leaks because your system are a little strange and confusing. I got stuck and decided to leave it until I understand it more.

I take it your new at mapmaking, so this may prove to teach a couple of basic things and how to write a little more efficiently. You don't need to use this map.


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Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
tested the game well its very simply made :(

my base has no defenses to protect me and my team from the mass wave of undead the plus my fountain does not heal us they also heal the enemy which is a frail

siege types requires medium-high base damage to express the effect of there aoe but my hero does not

the terrain is too small plus the only doodads I see are just trees scattered

and the ending is kinda blunt, not much story to be accessed with and overall its kinda monotone, I suggest you get more feed back and improvement at the Map Development thread good luck