Modified Mortar Team

Level 2
Jul 3, 2015
Can somebody make a model of mortar team, yeah, a regular one. but instead of carrying his "mortar missile" on the fat dude's back. I want him to carry a bunch of cannonball like this model: Abilities\Weapons\BoatMissile\BoatMissile.mdl:thumbs_up:, but without the white smoke particle, bunched into 3 and put on his original carrier bag, also when the little dude take an ammo from the back, there should be THAT CANNONBALL again to put inside the mortar.

It's because i want to use the Abilities\Weapons\BoatMissile\BoatMissile.mdl as his attack missile:goblin_boom:

PS: If you love me:ogre_kawaii: can you turn the big and small dude's hair black or brown?(This is optional)