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[Role Playing Game] Morph

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Level 2
Jul 1, 2015
Hello, This is another one of the first maps I have created.

Your a spirit from another plane trying to break free to the material plane. The only way to do that is going through the void that gates though all of the dimensions. The void walkers don't like creatures where they don't belong. Once you reach the material plane, you must possess a material creature to interact with anything. Eventually, you meet a psychic that wants to try fusion, and was very successful. Finally, you get bit by a lycan, transforming you into a monster but your psiconic friend quickly masters your monstrous urges.

You can choose four units that you can change at anytime during combat. The units will not be able to solo so it's up to you to change to the right unit to win the fight.

There will be eventually be more units to choose from and a GUI inventory.


Changed the models a bit, auto revive, and all morphs are heroes


  • Morphing.w3x
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This looks interesting. I'll wait until it's got more work on it, though, because at 100KB, I don't expect much to be ready at the moment.

Was this by any chance inspired by the way Profligacy was in early versions? I remember in that you could morph into anything you killed and play it as a hero, if you could get it to drop its item. It was really fun.
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