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I only had 1 pending model so far and felt a bit idle. So i decided to make a completely new attachment from scratch. After a short thinking i considered making this weapon.

This is one of those terrible Morgul Blades from Lord of the Rings. Morgul Blades were forged for the Witchking of Angmar. They are very vile weapons. A shard of their tip breaks of after tasting the flesh of a very unfortunate victim. The victim is poisoned, and if left for long enough, the shard will make its way to the victim's heart and it will turn into a wraith. This won't happen if the victim dies before or is treated from Elrond, king of the Elves of Rivendell. Only he has the skills and needed things for savind a victim from a Morgul Blade poison death. The most famous Morgul Blade victim was Frodo Baggins. It's shown in the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship. Though he survived it with Elrond's aid.
The blades pulverize themselves after their tip breaks off inside their victim's body leaving only the handle behind. This makes Morgul Blades rather impractical for use in battle, so they're mostly carried around for punishing captivated or disarmed enemies of the Dark Lord Sauron.

You're receiving 2 models by downloading this: the actual Morgul Blade, which is an attachment and Morgul Blade Item which is the corresponding item to the attachment to allow for more uses ingames and more features. Tried to make it as detailed as possible without having a huge filesize. I considered it should be detailed in order to tell it easily apart in LOTR maps/campaigns. It might also serve as any other undead or defiler blade. I hope you like it. Feel free to use it in any way you want and have fun with it!

EDIT 1: rotated it 90 degrees on the X-axis. I just missed that when i first uploaded it, but Kwaliti reminded me of it, luckily. :wink:

EDIT 2: no special update, just found out that the particle emitter of the item version was slightly opalescending (i.e. shining yellowish) and it's supposed to be green (the toxic, fiendish venom-green). :wink:

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EDIT 3: though approved in the past, i decided to update the model so that it fits into the New Hive's rules. It now has a death anim. At the end of the death anim it disappears. I intentionally made the death anim be nearly as long as the death plus dissipate anim from heroes, so that it doesn't disappear akwardly during the wielder's death.

MorgulBlade (Model)

MorgulBlade (Icon)

MorgulBladeItem (Model)

18:36, 6th Mar 2013 Kwaliti: Rotate 90 degrees on X axis. Done.




18:36, 6th Mar 2013
Kwaliti: Rotate 90 degrees on X axis. Done.
Nice it looks great when I look at it the first thing that comes to mind is a greenish murloc running around with this Awsome blade
thx :ogre_hurrhurr: but it's named Morgul Blade not Murgul Blade. It's a weapon from Lord of the Rings, not Warcraft, esepcially not murloc or naga. :wink:

That's pretty wicked ! You should make more attachments, especially the evil looking stuff.
ty :ogre_hurrhurr: well, i'll try if i have enough time again :wink: