Model & texture color

Level 10
Feb 20, 2008
Model : texture recolored

:grin: hi i present myself : i am Kyuubi[LEW], i need help to turn the texture or the model to a Green Emerald , Light blue & red

those effect are for a spell pack i am making called : Eight Celestial Gate!

you will get credits in & rep +

here is the model zip link

p.s. the reason i need those effect are need for a spell , so credits will be gived & rep + :D
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Level 30
Apr 17, 2009
Oha, big file size and high poly count.
I guess it will cause lagg.
Recolouring it, is very easy.
Just convert the .blp to .tga (with the WC3Viewer)
Then open the .tga with Photoshop or GIMP.
In Photoshop, select all and go to Edit->Hue/Saturation.
Then play around with the settings and if you like the result, save as .tga again, convert back to .blp.