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Model Scaling

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Level 31
Jun 27, 2008

I tried to scale this model 2x by creating a global sequence and adjusting Bone Root Scaling, it does scale the model during animation in Magos or Mdlvis, but ingame model is invisible. Can anybody point me to a solution for this? Or perhaps scale it for me and reveal a proper way to do it?



  • BoneShield.blp
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  • BoneShield.mdx
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  • BoneShieldFailedScaling.mdx
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Level 52
Dec 8, 2008
Don't have a model viewer on this pc, but I normally don't mess around with the animations itself when scaling a model. If the bone structure is simple enough to follow the mesh (for example, a simple body mesh, when enlarging it, you can just move the bones to the correct places again) I normally just enlarge the mesh and then move the bones to their correct position again. Of course it's a bit more work, but it works most of the time actually.

It might be primitive but I guess it's a straight forward way.
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