Model Request - Van & Armored Van

Im looking for a Van.
What I really want however, is more of a Make-shift Armored Van, the kinda thing you might see in a zombie movie like resident evil, or the PS3 Game Dead Nation (The Weapons Dealer Van).

Im looking for:
-Fences, Rafters, Armored Plates kinda patchworked onto sides. (NO WOOD)
-Maybe some barbed wire here and there.
-Protective plates over wheels (Covering up the side so they aren't exposed)
-Either a Wedge/Snowplow On front or a couple of spikes (Something to mow down zombies!)

I suggest making the Van itself first then adding onto it. (So you can upload them seperatly for more uses)

If you need any more information just ask.
I would provide a picture but I couldn't find one. (Sorry!)