Need Models for a map

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Jul 16, 2008
hey im currently looking for people to make me models based of ww2 all i need is 1-2 models for a army guy 1 model of a tank barricade 1 model of a concrete tower with guns sticking out kinda like a pill box only higher up since i have the pill box 1 model of a transport boat to carry units and some kind of barracks to create the army men also a spell for a grenade and also a terrian of bomb bombardment shells like holes with some in it and last but not least is a barb wire fence

what im trying to make is off a movie i saw were the us attacks i think Korea and theres gun towers and pill boxs attacking them an they try to get up past the fence to later get the emeys base

so if any one has anything to do with ww2 type models no tanks needed this will be water to jungle war fare so and ideas i would like i will also add every single persons name in map also any ideas to help me make map would be nice it will probly take me 1 month to mkae dut to but i know this idea wil be fun

ps forgot to say a model of the transport ship destoery like a dodad
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