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[Model Request] Mortal Combat Heroes (for my upcoming project)

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Jul 27, 2009
I'm making a footie map... that i will reveal later :p..My terrain is 95% done also my triggering is 80% done even i suck at triggers ,but i can't suck more at triggers than at models xD...So if someone can plz make me some models of Scorpion,Subzero,ShanTsung,Johny Cage,Sonia,Shiva,Centaur..anything will be appriciated.OFC don't forget i'll + rep and add the name of modeler in my map description..I would appriciate to make some main Mortal Kombat characters..If needed ill post some pictures (but i think everyone knows how our MK chars look a like :D) thanks in future..:grin::thumbs_up:


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