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Model Request: Guardian of Jungle

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Level 9
Sep 28, 2004
Model Request:
Guardian of Jungle

1. Based on Arthas holding Frostmorne
2. I want it to look bulky, but powerful looking, like Firelord.
3. The texture must match Jungle enviroment.
4. A shield, good looking one.
5. Elvish look (face), elf ear.

If you find other model that is better for doing the above mentioned. Use it.
Thx in advance.

I'll give credit in my map.
- Jeff
Level 12
Aug 10, 2004
So you want a...
1) beefed up Arthas with elf ears and elongated face
2) Geomerged Firelord's armor (for Intimidating look)
3) Geomerged sheild (i'm guessing with defend animatinons) (do you want it civilized [captains] or barbaric [barbarians]
4) And a skin to make him look grizzly and veteran (Possibly Primitive styled clothes?)

This my freind is quite the request, i'll try to get this a little more recognition
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