(Model request) Npc's

Level 7
Apr 26, 2015
Hey there!
I seem to be having a bit of a difficult time finding unique looking npc/ villager models....In the game i'm working on I was kinda hoping to have a world filled with characters you meet along the way that don't all look all the same :p It's not a big deal I guess...
Anyhow, What i'm looking for is a list of some different npc /Villager models that kinda stand out from the basic wc3 villager :p

*Special request* Also, I am in need of a model for one of my main characters, I'm using a Medivh model as a placeholder for now. But what i'm looking for is maybe something similar, only weaponless, as to add weapon attachments from equipping Items and also a different face/character look...
The character is described as a scruffy, yet kinda silly old man that's seen a lot in his days...a guardian...but wearing simple clothing, maybe like a monk?....Anyhow XD

Guess that's about it! Thanks in advance :)