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MODEL REQUEST: Floating Human Airport (non-reforged)

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Hey, I need some kind of human bulding that serves as a floating airport. It is meants to move through the air. I wouldn't use "fly", because I would imagine it like something else.

It has:
- a platform on top
- on the top, around the platform has rooftop team-colored bricks. It it slightly bent downwards
- on the sides in has 4/6 holes/hangars/hangar entraces for taking off
- the bottom has 4 spinning turbines
- on the sides above the hangar entreances, it has 4 protruding lanterns/lights and slightly bent towards the sky (like anternnaes)
birth - first the turbines, then the rest
stand - the turbines always spin
death - it falls from the sky with smoke particles from the turbines, which stopped spinning, and slightly changes angle and explode at the end
portrait - same as stand but with camera and team color background visible
decay - nothing

Other things that i can do by msyelf but if you want:
- attachment points - origin, overhead, spire first,sprite second, sprite third
- portait with team color
- collision shape

+rep +credit,

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Well, what can I say. You have very good imagination and modelling skills. Looks good. Although I asked for 4 spinning turbines on each side, not one on the bottom. Everything else you made is good.

On my drawing the arrows below are to suggest that there are 2 more turbine holders on the sides. Maybe I confused you.


Can you do some more things on the model? Since it's a building, it has to be built first, and then send to fly. So, ther has to be 2 models.

1st model: Is on the ground, has birth animation for building it and death animation for sinking in the ground with smokes. In stand animation his turbines don't spin... in stand animation probably has some legs to stay on the ground?
2nd Model: has birth animation for taking off, going up in the air and death animation for falling down from the sky at an angle.

or no, instead is one model but with 'alternate' tag. yeah, that is better
so let's see:
stand alternate
morph alternate
death alternate
portrait alternate

- collision shape
- attachment points: rally Ref, Sprite first Ref, sprie second Ref, sprite third Ref, origin Ref, overhead Ref
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