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Model Request: Cooldown UI

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Level 22
Feb 6, 2014
Model Request: Cooldown UI (STILL OPEN)

Apparently, a cooldown UI with time percent completion was uploaded here on hive

Anyone still has a copy? I asked a few members (Adiktuz, Geshishouhu and Arhowk) and they said they lost it coz it was a long time ago.

Here is a link of what I meant

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Level 19
Aug 8, 2007
I didn't say that you can display the time in seconds. I can.
It can ofcourse only be done if you make the cooldowns yourself.
And the way how real cool cooldowns must be done is real hard triggering.

Also known as- A system to dump incredible amounts of time on for little to no productive use :)
Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
Little productive use?
Don't you realize that when you have a system that simulates cooldowns without having an actual cooldown is more than what you can expect?
I can modify the current remaining cooldown.
I can set the cooldown on an amount that is calculated when the ability is going on cooldown.
I can check if an ability is on cooldown.
I can put an ability on cooldown without using it. (Passives.)
I can... what the heck can I not do?
Sometimes, little features are dicussed and they are part of something big.
The time indicator is little yes, but it is a part of what I can do with it.

@Shadow Flux
I might underestimate you but even then.
I am able to display the time because I removed Blizzards cooldown system.
To do this, you require a lot of data to replace that functionality.
You don't want to do what is required to be done to achieve that flawlessly.
So even if you have the skill of making something like that, you won't have the motivation to actually make abilities for it that use that system.
I haven't either so I made a program that can do it automatically for me.
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