MHW3 - Lion's Bane (Great Sword)

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Made agito alittle more warcraftish and wanted to have my own twist on the swords' upgrading line.
Give credit to stonneash if used

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MHW3 - Lion's Bane (Great Sword) (Model)

20:02, 3rd Apr 2015 MiniMage: It's interesting, but it still needs work.
Try to find a larger part of the texture or another texture as similar as possible to wrap the top rectangle of the blade. It's blurry and stretched, likely from stretching a portion of a texture that is much smaller than the polygons it is wrapped to. While you're at it, you'll probably want to rewrap whatever new metallic texture you use to the metal blocks on the handle to match the new top you choose.

The texture used on the handle looks great for your other two variations of this weapon, but doesn't really fit this one. For the sake of variety as well as looking better, you should try to find a more suitable texture for the handle. You don't have to use the same texture for every weapon handle you make; there are tons of great in-game textures that can be used.

I like where it's supposed to be going, but those two flaws have a significant impact on the look of the weapon, and for now I'll have to give it a 2/5.

I want to make sure you get the rating you deserve, so try to remember to send me a message when you update this so I can come back and raise the rating.