Memory Maze v1.1

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Memory Maze
Created by VAMPIRAL

Map Info:

You awaken in a crater in the middle of a giant maze. Where are you? Who are you? What just happened? How did you get here? You have no answers. To have a chance at finding what you seek, you'll have to enter the maze and hope to come out alive.


A custom hero
An irritating and nonsensical maze ;-)
Interesting wired effects
A rather unique premise


Rough Landing?:


Discussing Amnesia:


Lost Memory:


Change Log:

  • The whole map

  • Map Decorations
  • Wired effects
  • Terrain style and height variations
  • A new hostile faction
  • The wanderer is no longer static in the opening cinematic
  • Replaced the pathing blockers


Special Thanks:
  • You
  • And you

  • Frankster (Bloodelf Mage)

Time Loop:
The Bronze Dragon has you trapped in a time loop in this maze. Every time you reach him, he sends you back in tome to when you entered the maze. Who are you? Why are you there? What is the maze? I have no more idea than you. Heck, this answer could be wrong. It's just my explanation.

Author's notes:

This map is an odd one. If you feel frustrated, I did my job. If some of the dialogue makes no sense, it will at the end of the map.
This is an old project of mine. It's been sitting around waiting for me to get back to it. I had time today, so I thought I'd finish it up and get it out. Enjoy!

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Maze, Time, RPG, Mystery

Memory Maze v1.1 (Map)

SCN: See my review. 21:58, 1st Feb 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: See my comment
Level 21
Jul 6, 2014
Another map by you?ill check it out.But its not a good idea to work on many projects at once since you may get confused,can't update them regularly etc
Wait,the maps name is Memory Maze but the description says War of The Dead?
Level 11
Dec 14, 2014
Memory Maze
by Vampiral
Gameplay & Bugs:

Well, the gameplay is enjoyable, we walk around a giant maze to find an exit. The alliances that are made along the game looks creative, and the factions carrying anger of the protagonist was confuse at the beggining. But in the end everything is explained.
However, it looks too monotone and boring after a few minutes.
And the ending was REALLY disappointing. :c :p
No bugs were found here.

Terrain & Aesthetics:

The terrain is a bit empty, in some parts you used rocks as walls, and it's very flat, even in that open area with the volcano, it looks bad. And speaking of the open area, you could place some walls there instead of patching blockers, these things create a weird aspect when placed like this.
But the maze itself looks fine, kinda of boring tho.


The Map Info is intresting, it creates a misterious felling about the map. That's good.
The Features is ok, and the maze is indeed irritating. :)p)
The Screenshots are broken, be sure to add them in a public album.
Change Log is ok, you follow the rules, no much to talk about it. But it might me nice to remove the "Fixed" and the "Known Bugs" from there, since there's none.
The Ccredits are ok aswell. And you're welcome.


Total Score: 29/50

-Replace the patching Blockers with something else.
-Add a better tileset in the open areas.

29 / 10 = 2.9^ = 3/5; Vote for Need Fix.
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Level 5
Jan 12, 2015
Comment and query

To the people who have provided feedback and reviews: Thanks for the comments. I'll be making changes soon.

To everyone: I've been considering making the map reset at the end, rather than a more typical ending, causing a loop with no way out but death or quitting. Do you think I should? Let me know below!
Level 21
Jul 6, 2014
To everyone: I've been considering making the map reset at the end, rather than a more typical ending, causing a loop with no way out but death or quitting. Do you think I should? Let me know below!
Not really a good idea.

I though a 3/5 is an approvable score or it depends?
It depends on the amount and priority of the stuff that "Needs Fix"
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
This game is far too boring for me. You keep roaming in a monotone maze with almost no good doodads to decorate it. A big part of the map is empty and could've been used for other purposes, maybe like smart mechanisms which need something like pressing a switch to open a gate to go on? Then, I would've loved to see doodads like skull piles, remains scorched, skull on stick, trash etc... those that make me feel that the maze is actually dangerous and caused people to wander and die in there. After some wandering, you find the Alliance. "Nice", I thought but something disappointed me. I gained control of some troops but why didn't they come towards me? I had to "seek them out" in between the other troops. It would've been better if those units walked to me. Same thing for the night elves.
Found the Forsaken. Surprise, they hated me. Problem in that place? The gate closes and I can calmly attack them till I kill their hero, then destroy the gate and enter. Of course I didn't win anything for sieging the Forsaken but this is a mistake anyway. Make all the Forsaken units invulnerable as long as the gate is still standing. Once it is destroyed, make them all vulnerable. All these things I said go also for the Orcish Horde.
The game is far too gloomy and long that I didn't even reach the end from such boredom. I just quitted after I talked to the Naga Witch. This is terrible because it means that the game provided zero fun to me. You created, however, a good atmosphere of mystery with all those questions you ask yourself BUT you didn't persuade me to go on to find out the answers. You must keep your game vivid and not dead when I walk in the maze. Some people may take time to find out where any base is, so for them, something must be done to keep them interested. Things like gates that need switches or keys to be opened or levers which activate weird mechanisms could do it. Why not also some creeps to kill in the maze?

Well, overall the map has some potential but for now, it is too boring and uninteresting. I'll give it 2/5 and AWAIT UPDATE!
Level 5
Jan 12, 2015
New Update

Alright, the new update is out! Please, let me know what you think!

Edit (2/18/15) Has anyone noticed that the map has been updated? 'Cause I was kinda hoping for more feedback.
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Level 23
Apr 12, 2014





Memory Maze 1.1




The gameplay was OK at first you wander at a large maze and recruit some troops throughout but I get pretty bored after few minutes and there were no useful items that can be obtained throughout. She started at already level 10 and she have default spells that makes her boring to use.
Score: 2/5

Improve the terrain please.
Place usable items that could help Unknown.
Instead of making her level 10 at the start maybe start from level 1? to progress throughout the game? Think about it.
Change the Unknown's team color.
Add custom abilities for her, I find it pretty boring for her skill set.
Divine Shield and Life Drain share the same hotkey, mind to change the other?
The cinematic when you speak with Thorgas he is not facing to my hero and the same goes to the Dark Ranger. they don't face Unknown while talking.
Maybe add boss fights, to make it more interesting.
Maybe add more traps and suchs throughout the map to make it more challenging for the player.

I think its currents state is not enough to be approve, and still many things needs to be improve/fix. Also add some unique elements that will make your map interesting and exciting.

Overall Score: 2/5 - I vote Needs Fix
Hello. Vampiral! Just played this and sadly I didn't finish it for those burning flames burned my hero, Anyway not much to say. The terrain was very very super empty and plain, the doodads are badly placed, it really needs improvements.

Score: 1/5
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
Ugh, I lost my list of issues the map had in the pastebin. It was set to expire after 24 hours if no one viewed it... and no one did. My bad.

Anyway, I do remember a specific things from the list.

May Contain Spoilers
- One of the abilities shares a hotkey with another
- The visuals of the map are still unacceptable, but they aren't as bad as others stated when playing different versions. See:
- The player is wandering around the killing uninteresting and uncreative creeps for the majority of the map time. These creeps do not reward the player at all. No exp, gold, item drops, quests, nothing. Try to add some incentive just not skip the creeps.
- There is an excess of "time fillers." What I mean by this is the fact that there is a section that has an overload of rocks to destroy to progress through the map. There are rows of gates to destroy. Doing these tasks feel like an eternity. I suggest you replace them with mini-games or creeps with customized abilities.
- Almost at the ending, there is a 'fire trap area.' I don't think you have the timing right. My hero is right at the gate, and go straight towards the other gate. I die before it opens. The next time I tried it (luckily I saved my game), I tried dodging the fire area... and nope. The third time I did the first time method and it just worked.

However, the story is quite interesting told through cinematics around the map. But that really is the only part I believe people will enjoy.

Map set to await update. 2/5.
Level 5
Jan 12, 2015
@StoPCampinGn00b Thank you for the review. I'll see about doing an update when I have time. One note that I suppose I should have made earlier: The Fire trap actually has varied time. Once every 60 seconds, it is open for 15 seconds, plenty of time to get through. The other times it opens, you will not get through before fire returns.