Meet the Team

Level 3
Jan 9, 2008
So, I guess presentations are in order. As of now the “team” consists of only two persons; Myself and Creative.S. Our job in this project is as follows:

Creative.S – Terraining; triggering; the “physical” mapmaking.
Sea Age – Story writer/Character design

Since we have the fortune of knowing eachother – and living (relatively) close – we are pretty fluent in our roles, always trying to involve the other one in every single step of the process. If any skinning need to be done, we do it both, depending on what needs to be done (although our skill here is humble, at best). We both terrain, and both come up with ideas for a storyline, but obviously we mainly stick with what the credits above say.

We are of course interested in expanding the team if anyone would want to join in. We won’t take anyone, of course, but PM me or Creative.S or post here if there’s a chance you want to help out with anything. Tell us what you’re good with, and we’ll see. We do look for a skinner and a modeller, but anyone else, speak up.
Level 2
Dec 30, 2009
I could help with story/heroes/units/skills/items
im good at those but someone would have to rewrite my descriptions of those for me since i suck at putting it into good words