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I need some tips from recent Maul Makers.

For those who do not know what a maul is;
A maul is a type of Tower Defence. You build towers in a maze, you make the maze yourself.

I have problems with making it so that the monsters easily get trou the maze without stopping up and start killing the towers.
.. Mainly concerns Hero Creeps, and Boss creeps.

Right now I've just set the towers invulnerable.. but that makes you able to just block around the spawn, or exits and that it..

Spam me with good tips!
Level 12
Aug 31, 2005
make the creeps have really small collision size to prevent them from attacking unnecessessarily.

Write a trigger at game start or at the start of each round setting all creeps combat aquisition range to 0 to prevent them from attacking towers.

Disable the units attacks (on object editor)

If you need help with anything else feel free to PM me about it.
Level 9
Aug 27, 2004
Crack open skibi td and examine the movement trigger. Its a BIG trigger using custom values for units. If the maze impeeds units (they are blocked) then the unit recives a "stop" order automaticaly (this always happens, its not a trigger) when a unit receives the "stop" command, the unit is ordered to attack the nearest tower. (This accures every second to all units with the stopped order)

Thats not totaly correct, i havent examined that trigger for awhile, but thats the jist.
Level 10
Jul 2, 2004
i thought they just attack because they are stuck for awhile, like how normal units will be given an attack command if you order them to go through a blocked area.

and it isn't proper to say that a Maul is a TYPE of TD. since Mauls are actually a copy of Wintermaul.
Let me explain here now, a Maul is a TD.
Simply becouse you use towers to defend something.

So basically, Duke-Wintermaul morphed the TD, and made the maul.

Therefor, the definition is still a TD.

As legendary heroes, hero bashing and such, would be called an arena. (Not the best example.)

And yes, the creatures stop for a while, and then the order vanish - and they do automatically attack.. and so on.

Problem is, how do I get them NOT to stop, when I ain't even blocking?

.. I'll study some mauls.. but actually it seems they have done the movement triggers just as I have done them.. but they don't tend to attack towers like in my maul.
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