[HD/Misc] Map Request: Silvermoon City (WoW Version)

Level 3
Apr 15, 2019
Hello again, I am requesting a World of Warcraft rendition of Silvermoon City. The map has to be maximum map size limit (Basically 480x480 unless I can find a way to make it even bigger.) because I would like to use a straight line of blight to be the Dead Scar. I am willing to also edit the map myself and put some work into it but I am not as good with terrain. However I am great with arranging doodads and buildings. I was hoping to work on this map as a little fan project that others are wanting to play on and use for their own maps. Again I am willing to put work into too. The map must include the sun well like in Warcraft 3 Reforged but with the actual sun well doodad placed in the center of the all the waterfalls. It should have almost every area of Silvermoon City along with some outer regions like the starter island.

If you want to add me on discord to assist me I will give you my discord info.