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Map Project: Urban Assault

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Level 10
Nov 17, 2004
I’m currently making a map based off an old PC game called Urban Assault. Basically, there are six factions, four of them human and two alien fighting over the remains of Earth. I have actually managed to make most of the units I need with models I’ve found on this site, but there are a few that I will need some help with.
The main bases in this game are a floating building (one per player). For one team I’m using the Undead Halls of the Dead, but I don’t know its skin path. Could someone tell me please? Thanks.
Some other models I need are a large mechanical armoured zepplin, and a floating fortress. I’ve provided some pictures from the game below, but the floating fortress could be based off of either a human barracks (without the support base) or olofmolemans’ roman house. I can’t think of anything that could work as the zepplin.
If anyone would be willing to modify some existing models to help with this it would be greatly appreciated. Credit will of course be given.


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