"GOD Model" and "SPHINX Model" Request

Level 8
Jul 18, 2010
Really sorry for reposting.

I'm not sure if anybody can make me this model but I'll give it a shot again anyway. I'm requesting a model that somewhat looks like a golden god-like humanoid entity. There's the picture below. I'm going to use it as the final boss for my map. I'm not really asking anybody to make it look as accurate as possible but maybe you could base it off the cinematic Kil'jaeden because it floats and just turn it to gold, remove the cloud, the cape, and the tail. That will be fine for me. Too bad that model doesn't have much animation so I'm not sure which model you could base it from. I would need it to have a channelling and a spell animation(These two are optional). Thanks in advance.


Here's a video of the model I'm talking about. It's on the last minutes of the video.

Another request, I hope someone can do both of these requests for me.
Here's a picture below. It looks like a sphinx.

I was thinking you could base it off the model Centaur Khan and just turn it to gold and red. It's okay if you don't give it wings, I'll take care of that. And this model floats so it would be great if it had the sorceress floating animation.

Another request!!
Nobody could make me the wings for the GOD Model so can someone do it for me? These are wings that Wandering Soul made for me back then. I would want it to be shiny golden. And instead of being attached to the chest, I would want it to be either an origin or an overhead attachment so it wouldn't follow the unit's movement. And make it 2.5x to 3x the size of the original wings. And make it float up and down if possible. Thanks in advance.
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