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Sep 17, 2009
ive been trying but cant seem to get it working. I need a map loading screen for a war map im working on. Can anybody help me? i would like to change these images into loading screens


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creating a loading screen is easy. i always do it that way: make a flat unit with the *Flat tool* in Milkshape, create 1 Material 4 it and save it. than i make with Photoshop the loading screen picture i want. when the *painting* is done, i resize it 2 512x512 pixels, save it as a .tga, open it with BLP LAB and convert it 2 .blp than i IMPORT to Magos Model Editor the (first made) flat unit (named Loading Screen.mdx, ofc u can give it any name u want), go 2 the Texture Manager and import there the picture made in Photoshop. Than i go 2 material manager, open the (in this case) only existing material and select the <name of the picture> as a texture (NOT as an animated texture, the place 2 select ur pic is something like a menu @ the right upper side in the material thing). @[email protected] (all in all) u make a unit that's shape is just a flat square and that uses the loading screen picture as its skin. once u import this unit and its skin in WC3 editor, go 2 the loading screen menu, (in the taskbar go 2 Scenario --> Map-Loading-Screen) there check the *option* Use imported file, and than select ur Loading Screen model. and.....VOILA. that's my way of making custon loading screens.....Good Luck with your m8 ;)