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  • Anyway, the system doesn't support multiple SFX due to nature of Unit Indexer for some reason :(
    I might miss some spot though, but seems to be stuck with the issue.
    Hello, how are you?
    Anyway, about Disarm System, I waste my time today trying to make one with Unit Indexer, though it's partially completed. Would you like to see it?

    EDIT :
    Mostly, it's done. I made to bring more functionality than what was offered. Though the weakness lies with SFX, as it can't attach multiple SFX to one unit.
    Yay Im 15!!
    Congratz! xD
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Hi ukn0wnD3str0y3r.
    you just use the value "Unit - Custom value of (Insert Unit)" which returns an integer value. The value (known as index or id) refers to the unit . This way, it is easier to create spells so array variables may use this id to refer the unit.
    That's great, i thought you'd given up. To me i think its a great idea. I just read the comment you posted on it and you said it was boring.
    i've tried this with custom and normal game models of trees, it need more model info. so it makes it white or a green and black block that can't turn into a normal tree after you save and open the map again.
    currently working first on systems such as the multiboard, missiles, etc.

    heroes will be last
    im so sorry but my old mind does not understand, so which one is the condition, event, and actions. sorry
    the trigger i need is, when all the tree are cut down the humans win. that's it, but idk how to do that
    I need help with one trigger for the map, and about your new project, you should make the time limit 30 minutes, an hour is way too long. Merry Christmas!
    No one had actually given me answers on that map, so i have kind of forgot about it and moved on. But if you could help me that would be great! i need one thing and the map should be done.
    Yeah only for a specific spell so order IDs don't clash. Universal literal dummies are impossible, because of that reason.
    I don't know what his global dummy means but, I think from what I've done that global dummy is a unit that casts/have spells that are used for the entire map and specific units or all units. Because I use it.
    Yeah. ;)

    Then you could go back to Silence for a fourth type, area disable
    It's good, probably more functionalities can make it more useful. :)

    Like a blind component, which does not really disable attacking but makes all attacks miss.
    Could you show me the link of your map? there's been a lot of rejected resources lately I couldn't track the pile.
    Why don't you post it in the thread? I check my account daily so I will make sure that its read. Don't post it here, it clutters the profile
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