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Map Idea: Zombie/Island Troll Tribe Mix

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Level 3
Jul 24, 2010
Possible Names: Surrounded / Living Nightmare / Fear

Idea: I think it would be nice if someone could create a map like Island Troll Tribes EXCEPT the setting would be in a city infested with zombies. It'd be a mix of resident evil/ dawn of the dead/ etc and a survival game where you have to find food, make buildings, survive, etc and kill the other teams except now, your goal is to be the first to escape while fending off zombies. Also, if you are killed by a zombie, you become one yourself and you become an enemy of all other players except other zombies where you then set out to kill the remaining humans(no vision shared with other zombies or neutral hostile). The escape could be you have to find the materials to build a helicopter/etc OR after a set amount of time you can go to a location and escape there before the other teams. If anyone thinks this is a good idea feel free to use it, if you want help on terrain I guess I could work some of it out, I have some terraining experience with a few maps. If you need anymore ideas feel free to PM me or comment.
Not open for further replies.