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Dec 26, 2006
Hola! I just wanted to tell you all about this manga i've been getting into

its called Battle Angel Alita
It kind of reminds me of the old movie "bladerunner" (with harison ford)
its about a cyborg chick who lives in a scrapyard under a big floating city. She plays a sport called Motor Ball (so origonal! lolz) where the cyborg contestonts fight, while rollerblading on a circut, over a ball. The player with the ball at the end of the race wins ^_^. I jsut thought you might want to know?

Oh yah BTW Battle Angel Alita has a lot of violence (a ritual in Motor Ball is when "Armblessed" (a motorball champion) has the ball, all the audience stick their arms out of the fences. Armblessed chooses a pair of arms and slices them off with his whip-blades, and impales the disembodied arms on his horns) very violent ^_^ but good.

I bought my copies of episodes 2-5 at Barnes and Noble's for like $8.00 a piece. (this is not an advertisement!!!!!) you might wanna check it out ^_^
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