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  • Oh god, not that kind of shuffling.. it's all the rage around here, I honestly don't see much appeal. And we do it much faster xD
    New idea I had.. just to liven things up a little (for now it's just you and me doing the heavy lifting.)
    I think I might join the Area 99 RP.. mind if I'm suddenly dropping in on your squad?
    Members of the RP:
    Uh, news. I came up with our conclusion to part 1, the ship-board section of the RP. The Chaos ship is going to get destroyed, and our own ship is going to crash.. won't tell you why yet. Waiting for everyone to post a little more.. thing are coming to a dramatic end!
    I'll give you first post :D You can edit your last. This is because the guard and storm troopers are currently the only ones really talking, and Allain and one of the Deathwatch units are just chilling there.
    C'mon, I'm sorry that not a lot of people have been posting in your RP thread.. please join mine? Perhaps they could maybe even tie-in once the main adventure of Lost World finishes.
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