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Making an ability not be dispelable/spell stealable

Level 22
Jun 23, 2007
Is there a way to make it so that spell steal cannot steal an ability, or dispel cannot dispel an ability? basically i created an ability that makes a unit have a chance to miss, but it requires dummy units casting curse on it, and spellbreakers/priests can dispel that. even though the miss buff comes back, the casters waste valuable mana.
also, is it possible to make NEGATIVE buffs into POSITIVE, and vice versa? so the red filter of the units doesnt show.
i found the mechanics
lets use this example:::
an inner fire has a 0 priority for spell steal and a heal has a 1 priority for ss.
then a greedy spell breaker come in and began to attack a priest with the inner fire.
then another priest, seeing his friend wounded casts heal on him and on the same time, the wounded priest cast inner fire to the other priest?

Who will get stolen? Heal or Inner fire?

Lucky guess, its heal, because it has a higher priority than the inner fire
so keep your ability zero and others 100 to prevent stealing it