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Making a Model/Icons/Skins Insertor/loader for WC3/SC2 ?

Are you for the idea of a programm inserting Models/Skins/Icons in WC3 ?

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Level 4
Feb 12, 2007
Hello, this is an idea i had since some times and i was wondering if no-one else had this idea :

Create a programm which allow people to insert models/Icons/Skins (M/I/S for short) in Warcraft directory, the main point is to allow users to have maps with tons of models weighting nothing because if M/I/S are included in WC3 as far as i know, as standart M/I/S, they won't cost much size maps.

Some may say that since it'll alter WC3 memory they'd become unable to play classic games without being considered as "hacker", well we just have to make :
-A different repertory outside of WC3 that the models are searching.
-Or to use a loader to add/remove M/I/S depending if we want to play classics games or customs games.

I can say a lot more but i don't want to make a lot of text that'd make people lost the objective of this program.
So let's vote people :
Are you ?

Vote, Read and Reviews (no flamming please)
I post there because "WC3 editing Tools" seem the best place to post that since it affect only the editing of Models, Icons and Skins.
I didn't see any possible rule break, if it did i'll remove this topic.
Level 7
Jul 9, 2008
On another forum, with some members, we have talked about ArnauB's idea.

The programm will have some custom items (textures, models, sounds ...).

The custom items wont be stocked on the map but in the programm. With this programm, when a computer search the custom item, he will find it on the programm in the computer.

But there will be a problem... If a player hasn't the programm, he won't see the custom items... =S

But a member found an idea :

Le mieux serait un système de remplacement. Je m'explique.
- Tu joues à la map sans le système de remplacement : t'as droit aux Über modèles de blizzard à 15 polygones, aussi beau qu'un derrière de lamproie ;
- Tu joues à la map avec le système de remplacement, alors pour les cartes qui le spécifient, certains modèles sont remplacés, et t'as droit à quelque chose de potable.

Ça permettrait à ceux qui ont le dit système, de bénéficier de ses avantages, et à ceux qui ne l'ont pas, de pouvoir quand même jouer aux cartes qui l'utiliseraient.

Translation :

The best will be a replacement system. I explain :
- You play at the map without the replacement system : you are allow to have the Über Blizzard's models at 15 polys "aussi beau qu'un derrière de lamproie" (can't translate)
- You play at the map with the replacement system, for the maps who use this programm (with the replacement system), some Blizzard's models will be swap with custom models, and you are allow to have correct things.

This system will give at players who have the system, to have system's avantages and to players who haven't the system, to play at maps who use the programm.

(Sorry for my bad english =S)
Level 4
Feb 12, 2007
Yeah i am the same person that proposed that idea on Worldedit.free.fr, i have the ame pseudo and i proposed more or less the same idea that is here.

In a few words the alternative with the desired programm is :
-you have it -> you have the models wanted by the author so the graphique is better
-You don't have it -> You have standart models so you can play without problems.

But truly we need one or two very skilled person in programmation.

For those for still doesn't understand (some didn't in Worldedit.free.Fr), the two biggest avantages are :
-Very small size for map, since they won't have any imported models,icons or skin.
-virtually Unlimited amount of models in one map since they'd be already on the data disk and so an author can insert 150 models it won't increase the size of the map (imagine a map of 500ko with 250 models, no-one'd imagine that possible in the actual situation).

Some argged that it'd take lot of place on you disk, i say "LOL", a classical video that you dl on the web is about 150mb, you need about a thousand models to have the same... And beside you'd regain map size on the downloaded map since they wouldn't have imported models/icons/skins anymore.
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