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Mafia 1.55

Submitted by Dark.Revenant
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Mafia is just like the party game; there are mafia and there are townies - one side wants the other to die.
I have started to "Protect" this map, to offer security to myself and compressing the size even more.

Each day, the players vote on someone to lynch.
Each night, the players carry out their special abilities (if they have one). I.E. The mafia will kill their target, the doctor will heal his target, etc.

This is a game of mystery, deceit, and social manipulation, in order to survive and achieve victory.

1. Currently 22 roles and counting
2. Seven variants and counting (normal, c9, godfather, metro, texas, haunted, custom)
3. Polished and well-tested gameplay
4. Custom chat systems, including after-death observer chat and for certain roles, nighttime chat
5. Immersive and adaptive environment

I've had a fair deal of creative license with these roles in order to make them work together in the greatest amount of ways possible.
Mafia Independent Undead Cult Town

Common Roles

Mafia Member: The standard bad guy. Talks to the other mafia at night and helps decide who to kill.
Townie: The standard good guy. Completely average and plain in every way.
Cop: Picks one person each night to check. Detects mafia alignment and independent/suspicious alignment, but cannot detect undead or cult alignment.
Doctor: Picks one person each night to protect from one attempted kill. In other words, if two people try to kill someone whom only a single doctor protects, that person will still die.

Traditional Extra Roles

Godfather: Commands the existing Mafia Members and can convert Recruits and Prostitutes into Mafia Members and Whores respectively. Also, he can't be killed at night except by Terrorists, and always appears to be a Townie to Cops and Detectives.
Consigliere: Becomes the Godfather if the Godfather dies. Otherwise, acts as a mafia version of the Detective.
Surgeon: A mafia version of the Doctor.
Whore: A mafia version of the Prostitute.
Serial Killer: Wants to be the only man left in the town, so he can kill someone each night.
Recruit: A Townie until he is inducted into the Mafia.
Vigilante: The avatar of civil justice. He can kill someone each night. However, he has a limited amount of ammo (the exact amount depends on a variety of factors).
Detective: An upgraded Cop. He detects the exact role of his targets rather than just alignments, and can detect all alignments/roles, except for the Godfather.
Bus Driver: A pesky bastard. He can swap two players at night, redirecting every action that targets one player to the other.
Mason: A Townie, except that he can communicate with other Masons at night.
Prostitute: The good old hooker. Can roleblock one player each night, except for Bus Drivers (action ordering issues arise otherwise). Can be converted into a Whore by the Godfather, but this only changes her alignment, not her abilities.

Unique Extra Roles

Terrorist: The bastard of all bastards. His goal is have everyone die, including himself. If more than one Terrorist is in the game, they can work together toward this goal, but don't communicate with each other. The Terrorist's ability is to suicide bomb someone's house, which blows up everyone who visited that player that night, including (and especially) the Terrorist who did it. People hit by Terrorist attacks cannot survive, even if targeted by doctors.
Witch: The manipulator. His goal is to be the last one alive, which is a difficult task for a role that doesn't directly kill anyone. Can force his target to target someone of the Witch's choosing. This is very powerful if used wisely.
Zombie: The main undead role. He decides, with the other Zombies, the target for a Zombie raising. If the target is killed during that night, he will instead be revived and converted into a Zombie. This ability is hard to use but can be very powerful. He cannot be healed by a Doctor/Surgeon, but can be the target of a zombie raising.
Medium: The Medium sees dead people. Literally. At night, he can communicate with the dead players.
Cursed: A Townie. Converts into a Zombie when he is first "killed" by something else, excluding Terrorist attacks.
Cultist: Like a mason, except he has his own alignment group for himself.
Cult Leader: This guy turns anyone (except the undead, Cursed, Witches, Terrorists, or the Godfather) into a Cultist every night. He hears everything the Cultists say at night, but cannot speak back to them, meaning his identity is kept secret from them.

Bonus command: ".will TEXT" to write a last will that is displayed when you die.

Change Log:

1.55: Fixed the Medium slightly, fixed a couple other things. Added dynamic intro text (it no longer assumes that it's town vs mafia).

1.54: Fixed a Vigilante and a Bus Driver bug.

1.53: Fixed catastrophic Cult Leader and randomization bugs.

1.52: Several minor changes regarding many things, including the Vigilante and the Witch. Cultist and Cult Leader added. Haunted variant added.

1.50-1.51: Intermediate testing versions.

1.49: A few more quick fixes.

1.48: Quick fix and such.

1.47: More fixes and various under-the-hood changes, variable weather (a bunch of weather types that depend on who is winning (or not winning)), and such.

1.46: Test version.

1.45: The town's environment is living and adaptive now, and the whole setting is improved. There are many more camera angles now. The quests menu and the contents, as well as some instructions now change depending on the game's setup as to make it easier to learn and understand. Added the Medium role.

1.41-1.44: A bunch of changes and such culminating in bugs that needed to be fixed.

1.40: Some problems regarding witch/prostitute relations, and the failure-to-walk-back bug resolved.

1.39: Bugfixes, more general stuff I think, and Witch added.

1.35-1.38: I forget what happened...

1.34: Fixed a couple things; added slot shuffle; everyone's slot (position/color combo) is swapped around - meaning if you were red/host to begin with, you might end up as gray or blue, or whatever. The setup of the map remains the same however, as it starts with color red on the right and goes counterclockwise to brown, so it doesn't confuse anyone.

1.32-1.33: Intermediate test versions.

1.31: Even more problems, etc, fixed. Vigilante now has a limited amount of "kills" in the game. The number varies based on what the setup is.

1.30: Intermediate test version.

1.29: Hotfix for zombies.

1.28: A lot of bugs fixed, minor polishings, etc. Zombie and Cursed role options added. Custom music deleted due to neccessity.

1.21-1.27: A lot of intermediate fixings and such.

1.20 X: Compressed version; Download Here.

1.20: Quite a few bugfixes and minor changes.

1.19: Where all the bugs I know of are fixed! Anyway, the main addition to this is each player has a house behind him (can be blown up by the terrorist), and the players can walk around during the no-vote period during the day.

1.15-1.18: Even more intermediate versions with a shitload of amazingly horrible and hilarious bugs.

1.14: Eighth version today; even more bugs fixed. Hopefully there aren't any more left.

1.13: Terrorist bugs fixed.

1.12: Even more bugs fixed.

1.10-1.11: Intermediate versions.

1.09: Several bugs fixed, many many terrorist bugs fixed. Keep in mind the terrorist kills everyone who targets that player on that night, including the player if he didn't do anything.

1.08: Hopefully fixed a macintosh crash bug, and fixed the win condition bug.

1.07: Added Whore and Terrorist. The terrorist was a tough bitch to make. Also, several bugs are fixed.

1.06: Yet another bus bug is fixed, but this time at least it didn't affect gameplay.

1.05: Way too many versions today. This time, a potentially disastrous bug regarding the surgeon was fixed.

1.04: Several major bugs fixed.

1.03: Hotfixed a serious issue relating to voting WHILE DEAD.

1.02: Fixed a bug relating to buses.

1.01: Fixed a rare but critical group of bugs relating to doctors.

1.00: A couple of bugs fixed. Surgeon added, loading screen turned black, new ending music added.

0.99: A bug relating to the consigliere fixed.

0.98: A couple long-running bugs with voting and something else finally fixed.

0.97: Intermediate version with few real changes.

0.96: More bugs fixed.

0.95: Some bugs fixed.

0.94: Several newly-caused bugs fixed, along with the infamous "bus" bug. Hopefully prostitute ordering is arranged better now.

0.93: Metro variant added (equal parts Serial Killer, Prostitute, and Bus Driver), new hit-by-the-bus death scenario in cases where you kill yourself by targeting someone whom a bus driver swapped had with you (somewhat confusing, I know). New sound scheme added for some things. A couple bugs fixed.

0.01-0.92: Lots of stuff.

0.00: Yes, I did start at this number and I worked up one at a time. I.E. Version 1.00 is the 101st version.

mafia, party, real, life, town, village, town, doctor, cop, prostitute, bus, driver, zombie, card, card game

Mafia 1.55 (Map)

  1. Tanasren


    May 14, 2008
    yes its supposed to happen, i guess u can still win if u manage to be one the 2 last survivor as a mafia unable to kill anyone

    you need to trick everyone with your speech talents
  2. ance77


    Jan 26, 2009
    hey i just happen to play tis on garena n i think i found a bug or glitches... so what happen is there r 2 mafia n 2 serial killer left in the game the townie lost already... on the day 1 of the serial killer got lynch n the night come after tat i think maybe the mafia forget to kill the other serial killer but the serial killer kill one of the mafia so when day time come it left with godfather n a serial killer... n the game still continue... so they decided to lynch the penguin to see wat happen tmr... but no one die on the day n they cant vote each other obviously coz there r only 2 of them left
  3. FullVisor


    Jun 5, 2013
    its like Godfather... win!
  4. Dogzo


    Sep 18, 2010
    I wish i could find more people to play this,no one joins :( amazing map!
  5. theblitched


    Apr 4, 2013
    This is one of the most fun maps in WC3, I still play it once in a while. It's especially fun with full house.
  6. Gekigengar


    Aug 20, 2009
    This is truly a legend, a gem amongst gem.

    I have had real fun playing this game back then.

    Thank you for making this :p
  7. KissOfAries


    Sep 15, 2010
    i wish this map will continue like the SC2's one :(