Lots of requests for my campaign! Most are dragon-related.

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Okay. Maps 'n' Mods is down, etc, so I decided I'd hang around here for a bit. After I realised that my campaign wasn't gonna go anywhere here without the removal of those WoW models, I decided to ignore you and continue using them.

Now that M&M is all screwed up, I've come back. Okay, lets start with the requests. I'll list what I need, and how urgent they are. Most I won't need for a few months or so, so take your time.

I also am good with editing skins, so multiple variations are not necessary.

I will use 'map making time' as the time frame, where 1 map away = about 3 or so months.

  • MAIN REQUEST: A dragon (not really a whelp, but not really an adult) that has either walking or flying animations (I don't mind which), but it must also look good up close. I don't need any team color spots, but it's a hero unit, so a fly-up-in-the-air-when-dead animation would be great if you could do it, but not required. Hero Glow is optional (I have attachments for the glow...) Must have normal animations (walk, death, stand, etc), and both ranged attack and melee attack anims. Also a portrait anim with talking anim is preferred, can be in same model or in seperate model. If you have time, could you also do a whirlwind animation? And maybe a slam one too? :D
  • 2 maps away: Walking dragon whelp models, preferably fitting in good with the wc3 ones; I don't need flying anims for them at all, just ground. (I realise there already are some ones out there, but one doesn't really fit with the style, and the other's animations are all goofed up.) Needs ranged and melee attack anims, and taking potrait ones too, preferably.
  • 2 maps away: Walking adult dragon models, same as whelp ones (fitting in with wc3 style, only ground anims, etc). I realise that Werewulf made some good ones a while back; if somebody could fix them up a little bit that would be great! Needs ranged and melee attack animations, talking portrait anim preferred as well. His models can be found here.
    NOTE: Olofmoleman and Jigreal are currently working on some walking dragons, so if you want to help with that, go bug them at wc3campaigns.
  • 1 map away: These ones I doubt have been done before - female dragonspawn. Yup, that's right. The antagonist in my campaign is going to go and rally up an army of dragonspawn, and an all-male one is... awkward, if you will. At the moment, I am using the WoW ones, but they have a huge file size and have some weird bug with them... (Preferably both throwing-type attack and caster-type attack anims) - These aren't that hard to make; just use the regular dragonspawn and make it more... female?
  • About 6 or so maps away: You know those car models in that Azeroth Grand Prix map? Well I want ones with dragons . I need about six of them, and to be in groups of two. By that I mean two of them need to have an orc-style car (one with a light green dragon, one with a dark green), two with a human-style car (NOT a tank; one with light blue dragon, one with black dragon), and two with a crudely made/villager style (i.e. something that would be made by a dad who likes DIY... a lot) (one with dark blue dragon, one with red dragon). Again, don't worry about the skins being perfect, I can tweak them.
  • About 5 or so maps away: A nuclear missle launcher, orc style, and an ion/particle cannon beam launcher thingy, human style. You'll see why later.

That's all I can think of for now, but I might add more later!

If you make these, I will give much +rep and a big place in my credits!
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