Lotr: Aos V8.17

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LOTR: AOS V8.17 (Map)

Dr Super Good: Catorgry change.
Level 2
Sep 17, 2005
Lord of the Rings: Aeon of Strife is a modified AOS style map. The map layout was based off of our first AOS map, (Star Wars AOS), and is fairly tiny in size. The map's layout makes for an action packed game with tons of hero to hero combat, intensified by custom spells and items. Along with various ways to beef up your hero, there are also many options and ways to strengthen you teams computer controlled army. The object, as with all AOS maps, is to destroy your enemy's Main base. Whether or not this is done by creating a super powerful hero, or a battle hardened army is up to you. Enjoy!


P.S. This map is 504 Kilobytes, not 4Kb as the map info states.
Level 3
Nov 20, 2008
Is there ani AI option in your map? In case there isn't, you might consider inserting one, I think it'll improve the overall quality of your already considerable good job.